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Public Schools

Infrastructure Repair

Affordable Healthcare

Climate Change

Anti-Death Penalty

Bipartisan Solutions

Stop Gerrymandering

Common Sense Gun Legislation

Immigration Reform — DACA relief

Child Care, Preschool, & Latchkey Program Assistance

Reproductive Freedom

Encourage Small Business

Equal Access to Vote

Separation of Church & State

Pro-Union, Anti “Right To Work”

Raising the Minimum Wage

Equal Opportunities for All

Reduce Income Inequality

Tax Reform


Pennsylvania’s 59th District is located in the beautiful Southwestern-Southcentral area of the state. Located in Eastern Westmoreland and Northern Somerset Counties, this rural area is known for vacationing, skiing, geography, recreation, hunting, fishing, site-seeing, historical landmarks, camping, parks, hiking, wineries, and overall scenic beauty of the region

The following communities encompass PA’s 59th district:



Conemaugh Township

Jenner Township




Cook Township


Donegal Township

Fairfield Township

Hempfield Township (part)

Laurel Mountain

Ligonier Boro

Ligonier Township

Mount Pleasant Township

New Florence


St. Clair Township

Unity Township (part)

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Kim Felan

For Pennsylvania’s 59th District

Write-in Candidate for the Democratic Primary, PA General Assembly
District 59 = Northern Somerset & Eastern Westmoreland Counties


My name is Kim Felan, and I am a resident of Conemaugh Township, a rural area in northern Somerset County.

I grew up in this area, and now my husband and I are raising our daughter here, where she is a student at Conemaugh Township Area High School. We also own a grouchy cat and two huge, loving canines.

I am a stay-at-home mom and lifelong autism and disability advocate. I also volunteer and perform in the Symphony Choir as well as helping out when I can at Berkey Church of the Brethren in Windber.

I have been an active Democrat and campaign volunteer since 2007. I recently graduated from SNHU with a Masters in Political Science and also hold a Bachelors in Information Technology. I immensely enjoy progressive politics as well as advocating for those without a voice.

 I volunteered on the Obama campaigns, and I even initiated a local Indivisible group called Indivisible Resistance of the Laurel Highlands in early 2017.

Short and sweet, I describe myself as: a humanitarian, tenacious, defender, advocate, Democrat, moderate, problem solver, parent, the family matriarch, chauffeur, advisor, hugger, empathetic, ethical, believing in democracy, transparency, accountability, honesty, and believe in unions and the power of the people.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead


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Dylan Doody

Campaign Advisor

Kris Rust

Campaign Advisor

Paul T. Ricci

Campaign Treasurer

Wendy Yohe

Web Director

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